What We Do

“TechElectric was able to jump on board quickly understanding our needs to improve production. We will never hesitate to call on TechElectric when faced with our most challenging issues.”

-- Michael Merkler, Olivieri, a Division of Catelli Foods


If you call us outside of regular hours, an Electrician who carries a cell phone at all times will be able to help you. TechElectric Automation’s service fleet operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We have access to computer programs, tools, technical support and equipment to meet your needs as soon as possible.

Installation Services:

  • New installations, upgrades, plant modifications
  • Control panel installations
  • Process control wiring
  • Machine wiring
  • Drive systems wiring
  • Data collection wiring

Engineering and Design Services:

  • System integration for automation, modernization, and control solutions for all manufacturing processes
  • Electrical Engineering support for both end users and OEM’s
  • Remote monitoring and paging to allow unattended monitoring and control of process
  • Application and engineering expertise with AC and DC drive systems from ¼ to 100 HP, Servo drive controls, variable frequency drive, soft start and full voltage
  • Application assistance in many control areas such as remote operation, equipment interlocking, and data transfer
  • On site start up services – local, national and international

Preventative Maintenance Program:

  • Semi annual custom inspection reduces failures
  • Confirm equipment is running correctly
  • Provide a cleaner environment for equipment
  • Unsafe electrical situations are identified
  • Identify abnormal wear before the item fails
  • Proper component identification will reduce troubleshooting time
  • Current copies of settings and programs will reduce replacement installation time

Machine Safety Guarding:

TechElectric has designed safety circuits for food and automotive applications. Machine operation and operator functions must coincide but maintain a safe environment. Our knowledge includes:

  • Light curtains
  • Double redundancy circuits
  • Captive key operation
  • Gate request circuitry

We work well with Prestart Review Engineers to create a safe environment for new applications.

HMI (Human Machine Interface):

Graphic and text screen operator equipment, including:

  • Allen Bradley
  • Siemens
  • Omron
  • Unitronics
  • EZ Text

Panel Construction:

  • Innovative methods of design
  • Build from supplied drawings
  • Full design services based on your needs
  • Expert knowledge of automotive and food industry specifications

Motion control and variable frequency drives:

  • Allen Bradley Ultraware and DriveExplorer
  • Leeson

Certified Services Available:

  • ESA

PLC Networking Systems:

  • Data Hyway Plus
  • Ethernet IP
  • DeviceNet
  • RS232
  • ASI
  • Profibus
  • DH45
  • CCLink
  • CANbus
  • DH Plus

PLC and Software Programming:

At TechElectric we are experienced and qualified to program using the following:

  • Allen Bradley: SLC500, MicroLogix 1000/1200/1500, Control Logix, Compact Logix
  • Omron: CX Series Program
  • Siemens: S7